Marshall Carroll: The 4th Smartest Person in Canada (-;

I was one of the stars of a major national CBC television event - CANADA'S SMARTEST PERSON 

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Watch my original hit youtube music videos:  Won't Start Texting (PSA) , A Modern Science Teacher  ,  The Jones Jive  ,   Weighting at the Zoo  ,   Grow a Muzzy in Movember  , The WHMIS Warble ,  The HAZCOM Song , With Restraints

I will
 write songs for your company: see samples
 promote your company and products
 write songs for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements and other events
 be the Master of Ceremonies at your event
 perform stand-up comedy at your event
 write scripts for movies, television shows and theatre
 act in movies, television shows and theatre
 lead team-building sessions and icebreaker workshops

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