I have been an actor in the following movies and television shows:

1. Canada's Smartest Person

I was an actual participant and finalist in this CBC TV Special that aired nationwide March 18, 2012.
I beat out thousands of applicants to make it to the final four. Gazillions of people watched
the show and loved my performance. To see the press coverage, click HERE.

2. Elijah - The Elijah Harper Story - I was a politician (NDP/PC) - see clip

3. The Hessen Affair - I was a drunken boxing fan in 1945 - see clip

4. Faces in the Crowd - I got to walk in front of Milla Jovavich - see clip

5. The Don Cherry Story - Part I - I am a construction worker in the 1950's - see clip

6. The Don Cherry Story - Part II - I am part of the Hockey Night in Canada camera crew -
if you look really closely, you can see my right arm for 0.5 seconds (no clip necessary  (-;    )

7. Men With Brooms - I am an office employee ( like Dwight Schrute  (-:  ) - see clip

8. Free Form - I was the co-host of this Winnipeg cable TV public access VPW cult classic 1977-80.
I recently was interviewed about this show on the TV Show Kelley Hughes Live. -see clip

The Winnipeg Free Press also took a great photo of the event (published in The Social Pages April 7, 2012).
See it HERE

9. Chemistry with Carroll - My attempt to bring Chemistry to the masses through satellite TV - see 1993 clip ; see 1994 clip

10. Discovery Channel Know-It-All - My audition tape to be host of a quiz show called Know-It-All (renamed Qubit) - see clip

11. Reach For The Top - I competed on this classic Canadian quiz show in 1979 and 1980 - I wish there were clips !

12. Perfect Sisters - I have a featured background role! I am the father of Ashley (Canadian actor Zoe Belkin), one of the friends of the sisters who did a bad thing to their mom - to be released 2014

I was interviewed about Perfect Sisters HERE

13. James Richardson Wpg Airport Trial Participant - I was Frederick McLure - International Man of Mystery (fine, I created my own back story  (-:  )

14. Home Alone 5 - I get to party with Ed Asner (yes - the REAL Ed Asner) at a ski lodge ! (released Dec.2012 - here's my clip)

15. Less than Kind - a great television show - I am buying a ticket at the Winnipeg Airport to Montreal (episode to be released 2013)

16. Smilin' Jack: The Jack Layton Story - I am a politician! (released as a CBC TV Movie 2013)

17. Curse of Chucky: A real Hollywood movie to be released in 2013.

18. Dark Corners: Into The Woods: A Shaw TV Episode. I am the rideshare driver  (released  2013- Here's the clip. )